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If you are struggling making those perfect tea time cakes, then this course is just for you.  In this workshop you will get all the tips and techniques to build your confidence and help you bake like a pro.  All the recipes have been tried several times before giving it to you, so that you can get it right the first time you bake it.


These cakes are called travel cakes because they will remain moist at room temperature up to a week and can be refrigerated for longer shelf life. They can be even frozen for later use. Whenever required they can be warmed in the oven for a few minutes and they will taste as good as they are just baked. 

What is the difference between travel cakes and tea time cakes?

Tea time cakes are made like a loaf, they are also called breads. These cakes remain moist upto 3 to 4 days from making. Travel cakes mostly contain some sort of a filling, they remain moist for long and hence good while travelling.



  • 8 Exotic tried and tested recipes

    • Coffee Crumble Bar

    • Tiger Trail

    • Apple with Lemon Rosemary Crumble

    • Semolina Coconut Cake

    • Pinnacolado Slice

    • Almond Milk Bar

    • Strawberry Chocolate Cake

    • Twix Bar

  • Simple easy steps to get the recipes right every time you do it

  • Understanding the use of ingredients

  • Baking temperatures

  • Shelf life and Storage

  • Loads of tips and techniques


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Sunita Lobo is the founder of Knead N Bake a home bakery set up with one goal in mind to make lives sweeter. She began her career in baking in 2011 and over the last decade has excelled across the entire gamete of bakery and patisserie and confectionary. She has completed a professional pastry chef course from the Academy of Pastry Arts. She has also tutored under a number of international chefs on her journey towards mastering the art of cake decorating.


Through Knead n Bake she focuses on enhancing lives through teaching and uplifting housewives to grow and run businesses of their own. She has also carried out assignments with home-bakers and top industry professionals.

She is also the master of creating and designing cakes for every occasion including weddings, birthdays, baptisms, communions, anniversaries etc. She has also worked with corporates in supplying hampers for events and holiday give-aways.

Fees: Rs 2800/-

To register contact
Sunita on 9619353331

  • Is this a live workshop?
    No this is not a live workshop. Since the entire process of making chocolates which included melting and refrigerating can consume a great amount of time the preparing of the chocolates is recorded and uploaded on the website.
  • Will the workshop be conducted on Zoom?
    No. The workshop is uploaded on our website and you can view the course on the website.
  • What happens incase we face internet issues during the workshop?
    You will have 15 days to view the workshop from the first day of viewing. Therfore in you have issues while viewing the class you can always go back and re-watch it.
  • How can I view the workshop?
    Once you register, we will provide you with a link to sign up with your email id. We will then approve the email id following which you can sign in and view the class. If you have trouble with the signing in process our techinical team will assist you.
  • Will workshop notes be provided?
    Yes, you will receive printable Pdf Notes. You can also download them from the website when you begin the workshop.
  • What if I have doubts post the workshop?
    If you have doubts you can contact us via WhatsApp and we will be very happy to help.
  • Is this an advanced workshop?
    No, this is a basic workshop for beginners
  • Can children attend this workshop?
    Yes, it is a great workshop for children.
  • Should I attend this workshop if I already know the basics of chocolate making?
    Check the ‘what will you learn section’ above. If you have any queries regarding the same you can join us for the workshop.

To register contact Sunita on 9619353331

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