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I'm Sunita Lobo

My baking journey began at home as it does for many mothers. I have two lovely children and I loved to cook and bake for them. Little did I know, that as I catered to my family’s love for sugar, that I would develop a love for baking and it would awaken the baker in me. Every small occasion had become for me an opportunity to bake a cake.


Soon I began making personalized cakes for my friends and almost every gathering had a cake or dessert from Sunita. The appreciation I received for the goodies from friends and family gave me a lot of joy and confidence. A few friends asked me if I could teach them to bake, I joyfully agreed and thus, began my teaching journey. With a newly found vigour to teach and my desire to keep growing, I grabbed every opportunity to study and upgrade myself.


Fast forward two decades, baking is now my vocation and I cherish every moment I spend doing it. Every cake and dessert is an opportunity to let my imagination run wild. During the last 22 years, I have been able to assist many moms who, just like me, desire to bake for their loved ones and some who looked forward to a career in baking. It brings me great joy that I have been able to use my talents to positively influence lives and encourage people to develop their skills. I am so thankful that I have had the chance to be a teacher and more importantly a supportive mentor to those who need it.



Some of my friends had asked me to teach them to bake and so I did, not having the faintest idea that teaching would be so much fun. Over the last ten years, I have taught thousands of students and made hundreds of cakes. A few months after the Covid-19 pandemic hit us, my family and students asked to begin teaching online. Honestly, that was never something I could dream of simply because technical skills have never been my strength but the help of my family and my team made it possible.

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Here, at Knead n Bake we focus on the essence of baking as an experience by shaping talent, providing the required knowledge in the production of bakery items both commercially and with the most basic equipment at home. With short-term or even one-day courses focusing on providing step-by-step instruction on one particular subject we ensure that students develop a complete understanding of that subject and also have a lot of fun baking.


Knead n Bake covers a wide array of components in the bakery and pastry world such as cake baking- finishing and decorating, cookies, doughnuts, muffins, cupcakes puff pastries and pies, chocolate and sugar work, seasonal, festive and ethnic baking, healthy baking, etc.

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