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A brownie is a chocolate baked confection made from flour, butter, eggs, sugar, chocolate and cocoa powder. They can be classified into three types, fudgy, chewy or cakey, depending on their density.

This workshop is intensely centred around all sorts of brownies and variations. We have redesigned the brownies with better ingredients to make it suitable for one and all.


In this workshop we have 8 Exotic brownies carefully crafted to perfection, they are an explosion of flavours and texture in every bite.



  • 8 Exotic brownie recipes

    • Sinful brownie

    • Pecan crunch brownie

    • Expresso almond brownie

    • Finger millet health brownie

    • Heart beet brownie

    • Biscoff brownie

    • Apple crisp brownie

    • Rocher treat brownie

  • Simple easy steps to get the recipes right every time you do it

  • Everybody is a little obsessed with biscoff and so here we teach you, not only the biscoff brownie but also how to make the biscoff cookies and also the cookie spread.

  • Sinful brownies with different flavours and topping variations.

  • Substituting flours and fillings to make some guilt free healthy brownies

  • The trendy tiled brownie, a special bonus for all you lovely people.

  • Understanding of Storage and shelf life.

  • Loads of tips and techniques


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Sunita Lobo is the founder of Knead N Bake a home bakery set up with one goal in mind to make lives sweeter. She began her career in baking in 2011 and over the last decade has excelled across the entire gamete of bakery and patisserie and confectionary. She has completed a professional pastry chef course from the Academy of Pastry Arts. She has also tutored under a number of international chefs on her journey towards mastering the art of cake decorating.


Through Knead n Bake she focuses on enhancing lives through teaching and uplifting housewives to grow and run businesses of their own. She has also carried out assignments with home-bakers and top industry professionals.

She is also the master of creating and designing cakes for every occasion including weddings, birthdays, baptisms, communions, anniversaries etc. She has also worked with corporates in supplying hampers for events and holiday give-aways.

Fees: Rs 2800/-

To register contact
Sunita on 9619353331

To register contact Sunita on 9619353331

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